How It Helps

Save Money

Save money and reduce costs by managing activity that was otherwise difficult to accurately monitor.

Reduce Idling

It has been established by the EPA that you can waste 1 to 2 litres of fuel per hour of idling. With rising gas prices, this represents a significant cost to your company. Through detailed reporting, you can catch and reduce overall idling throughout your fleet.

Plus, with the help of enhanced features such as the Idling widget, you can catch excessive idling in real-time and realize savings immediately.

Reduce Speeding

Avoid costly speeding tickets and prevent accidents, keeping your insurance premiums and legal risks under control. Increase driver safety and reduce risk to your cargo with instant alerts when a vehicle or asset goes beyond a pre-set speed limit, or when it goes over that street’s posted speed limit.

Driver Supervision

Your drivers' performance can dictate your profitability and overall costs. Driver training is important, and being able to monitor the success of that training is invaluable. Having KPIs at your fingertips allows you to measure improvement and manage driver performance, increasing productivity and reducing downtime. In addition, you can increase driver satisfaction by employing a performance based reward system which can be mutually beneficial.